Tamper-Evident packaging
for take-away

with an in-built seal that guarantees protection and safety for take-away food, from the restaurant to the consumer’s table.

All made of recyclable cardboard.


What it is made of

The cardboards used to produce Locked4Food are certified for food contact.

They are durable, excellent quality, perfectly printable, recyclable and produced by the world’s most reliable and renowned paper mills.

This range employs the most refined materials, making it suitable even for handcrafted products, exceptional for sushi and gourmet food. More handy boxes, made of sturdy cardboards, are dedicated to traditional take-away food such as fast-food and pizza restaurants.

Depending on the use, the following cardboards are preferred:

Cardboard made specifically for food contact, treated to be suitable for greasy and moist meals.
Grammage: g/m2 245

Treated cardboard, recyclable, suitable for greasy and liquid meals, suitable for microwave and traditional ovens.*
Grammage: g/m2 350

Natural and non-treated cardboard, recyclable, suitable for food contact.
Grammage: g/m2 290 or g/m2 380

KSK 222 E & KBSKB 222 E

Corrugated cardboards made by natural papers certified for the contact with pizza.

How it has been created

Locked4Food was born thanks to researches dedicated to the safety of drug packaging.

IGB invented, therefore, a cardboard packaging with an integrated seal that highlights any possible tampering of the folding boxes (tamper evident) and that guarantees that the medicines reach the user in the exact same condition as they have been packaged by pharmaceutical companies. Moreover, the production process is certified according to OHSAS 18001 standards, for the respect and safety of all workers.

The IGB Tamper Evident folding box is a success story in the pharmaceutical sector.
It indeed:

  • Has been chosen by leading global pharma companies
  • Protects over 300,000,000 boxes per year
  • Is the safest and most efficient protection made of cardboard, dedicated to the global pharmaceutical industry
  • Meets the most stringent standards: FDA, EU Falsified Medicine Directive 2011/62/EU, ISO 21976:2018EN
  • Has been awarded by the most important trade fairs dedicated to the pharma sector

The pharmaceutical safety applied to food.

Tamper Evident Folding Box
Locked 4 Food