The 4 Pillars of Locked4Food



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Locked4Food is designed to look after people.

The end consumer:

  • Can enjoy food with peace of mind, knowing it hasn’t been touched by anyone after it has left the kitchen
  • Can easily open the package
  • Can contribute to the circular economy by recycling the containers

The manufacturing process is also certified according to OHSAS 18001 standards for the respect and safety of all workers.



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Safe delivery: in 2019, a US Foods research on food delivery, found out that 54% of the interviewed riders
were tempted to smell food during transport. 28% of the riders admitted they have tasted the food at least once. Only 18% never came into contact with food by tasting or sniffing it.

What consumers ask for
85% of the consumers interviewed by US Foods (858 out of 1009) proposed a solution: Tamper Evident packaging that clearly shows if the package has been opened.

New needs that emerged during the 2020 pandemic
The demand for food-home-delivery has exploded during the Covid epidemic, due to lockdown, social distancing measures and smart-working*.
The pandemic has made the demand for food health and safety compelling.

Locked4Food: food safety for the consumer
Locked4Food is the most advanced cardboard packaging solution, built to give peace of mind to the user:

  • Each package, when closed, automatically seals, independently of the operator’s discretion
  • A highly visible warning indicator shows whether the package has been closed correctly and the seal is triggered
  • The cardboard used is FSSC 22000 certified, a guarantee of product’s safety
  • Inks and varnishes are plant-based


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Plastic pollution has become an established fact and a worldwide emergency.
However, many take-away food packages are plastic-made or employ plastic parts that are not easily recyclable. And most existing tamper evident and anti-tamper solutions employ stickers or other plastic components.

Locked4Food: Eco-friendly
The cardboard used for Locked4Food is recyclable and meets the strictest quality certifications:

  • FSC ensures Its provenance from forests managed responsibly and sustainably
  • ISO 14001 for environmental protection
  • ISO 50001 for energy sustainable management

The production process is also certified:

  • FSC for forest preservation
  • ISO 14001 for the preservation of the environment


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Locked4Food adds value to the image of all professionals and operators in the take-out-food sector.

Restaurateurs and food delivery companies demonstrate to:

  • Look after the state in which food arrives on their customers’ tables
  • Take an interest in respecting the environment
  • Be innovative and sensible towards change

Riders are provided with an easy-to-handle and easy-to-carry packaging that certifies their reliability.