How it works

Locked4Food packaging doesn’t need external seals to secure its content.

Its structure has an in-built seal that is automatically activated when the packaging is closed.
Once closed, the packaging remains sealed until its first opening, protecting the food, protecting the consumer and witnessing that the food producer cares for the needs of its customers and of the environment.

With Locked4Food, sealing the packaging is no longer a choice: the packaging itself, once closed, keeps sealed until its first opening, protecting the food and the consumer.

The distinctive locking system consists of:

  • A hook on the closing flap (picture A)
  • A dot showing that the box has been closed correctly (picture B)
  • A seal (picture C) that:
    • Hooks into the closing flap when the package is closed
    • Breaks off irreversibly when the package is opened
  • A high-vis tag, clearly showing that the package has been opened (picture D)